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Wednesday, March 01, 2006



Today we enjoyed the lovely springish day and lack of pollen - it won't last long, soon everything will be covered in yellow dust! What did you think of Reading Lolita? I expected to really LOVE it and it just didn't resonate with me. Maybe because I've never read Lolita?


You poor dear. Allergies bothered me every once in awhile when I lived in LA and I remember how miserable they can make you. Hope your bedrest helps.

Barbara W. Klaser

That's awful. Hope you feel more yourself very soon.


oh, i'm so sorry you're feeling under the weather. give yourself a break and get the rest you need darlin!


Jason had some trouble with allergies today too. I think that warm breeze blew in the pollen or something.

I really wanted to go to that lecture tonight but couldn't because of play practice. Boo. Was the author interesting? Her book sure was.


I've haven't sleep well this week either, but not because of allergies...(working like crazy). AND I've overslept the last two mornings, which REALLY starts the day off wrong. :)


Now that the weather is starting to get spring like, the allergies will kick in. Poor Diane! My mom and brother both suffer from them. It is miserable for them when it is really nice outside. I am so sorry!

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