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Thursday, March 09, 2006



:) I used to love it when it snowed in Portland...although the city would virtually shut down. Ha!

Barbara W. Klaser

Every winter here is sort of menopausal. Right now we're expecting a touch of snow in the local mountains, but we'll see. That would be unusual for March. It could just as easily turn into a heat wave. Er--hot flash. ;)


Ha ha ha...hot flashes...sounds like our weather here just south of Tokyo...up around 70 one day and down in the 40s the next! It's more widespread than you think....^-^


Hee hee...menopause. And it better be nice in Portland because it's supposed to be in the 50-60s and sunny here during break!


We didn't get ANY snow (south of Seattle). I'm pouting! Just...more rain.

Yup, menopause. Or else, bipolar. I've always thought of March that way.


Don't you hate when you printer and computer wakes you up at night! poor thing-58 degrees is COLD! Your nice bright yellow page and lady bug sure did cheer me up!


Menopause--what a great way to describe it! We didn't get as much snow as you did. I would have loved a two hour delay!!

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