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Monday, March 27, 2006



Herding cats! Exactly what it feels like. I know I am on the losing end of it when the 14 year old is perfecting her cat-like evasive behavior at such an early age. Right now I am trying to track down my son who hasn't answered my calls for two days.

Just likes to give me more gray hair!


Oooh, I hadn't noticed the hearts in her eyes before...very cool! Congrats to Bonnie for the major score on the sumemr job. Ross...hmmm...doesn't want to drive...REALLY?! Frankly, I've never known a teenager who didn't want to drive as soon as they were able. Now, the summer job? THAT I could understand not wanting...ha!


Hee, hee - yep, I can identify with the "herding cats" situation! Thankfully, eventually they do get a license, get a job, & somehow you survive it all - but the getting them there can sure be tough on mom :>) Hang in there!


You are very clever with your banners. I am terrified to change mine. Last time I tried, Tonya had to rescue me. We are working on a summer job for Ashley and Alison has her driver's license test next Wednesday. (scary)


Yay for Bonnie! What good news! And poor Ross...I remember that misery of having to find a summer job.

I'm painting this week too. It's hard to be inside when it's so gorgeous outside. Good luck on all your projects!

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