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Monday, April 24, 2006



I'm glad you're having such great gardening weather - I can't seem to get synchronized this spring. If I have time off to devote to gardening, it's pouring rain - and if it's sunny, I'm either working or involved in family things...I know I'm so going to regret this later when the weeds tower over me in the heat!

Barbara W. Klaser

This is the greenest time of year here where our summers are dry and sort of golden. I love it, and there are so many birds this year it's a little bit of heaven.

But we are having the coolest, grayest spring I ever remember for a non-El Nino year. The high was 59 today, on April 25th! Unheard of for us. Seems like we're usually into our first or second heat wave by now. That's okay, though, I'm enjoying the coolness because I know what's up ahead.

Have fun gardening!


I think Spring gardens are just the most beautiful, and I imagine it would be quite rewarding to dig in the dirt and see the blooms later. I've got a brown thumb, so I can't really relate all that well! Have a great time in Sacto. The big sis lives there and she really loves it.


I got so excited reading the first part of this post...sunny and warm in PDX?...YES! Then I saw the weather changing part... :( Still can't believe you'll be HERE while I'm up THERE. :)


Ahhh! What a gorgeous weekend -- we were SO DUE. We'd had 4-5 wet weekends in a row! Enjoy Sacramento!


It was beautiful in Colorado Springs, and gorgeous when we got back. (but the laundry marathon awaited) Now the weather is changing, and it's SNOWING where we just spent 75 degree days. Whoa. Have fun in Sacramento!

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