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Sunday, April 30, 2006



Good god, how DID you fill two days in Davis...ha! I'd love to know what spots you hit here, since it's not that big of a place... :)


The weather patterns seem to be getting more and more bizarre. Naturally, it can have nothing to do with Global Warming--our "infallible" leader tells us so.The books sound very interesting. Right now I'm swamped, so I better write them down for later.


90-degree temps here in Japan today...late June, early July weather...and it was humid, too...really makes me look forward to summer...NOT! ^-^

Adam's pictures are wonderful! He has a great eye for color and angles.


It's been close to 90 here in SOUTHERN Calif (right after rainy cool days, what a shock!) - which is unseasonably warm, this early, for HERE, let alone, Northern Calif!
Glad you had fun with friends & family, albeit without the Marilyness of Marilyn (what are the odds you guys would trade places at the same time?)


My brother lived in Sacramento for a number of years. I'll have to ask him if he remembers 90-deg. temperatures in April. That does sound abnormal to me. (Knowing him, he'll claim it was common because he doesn't want to admit to the possibility of Global Warming. Yup, he's one of those).

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