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Monday, April 10, 2006



Hahahahah...this is really cute! I think it sounds like the work of a cartoonist!


Let me know how you like your current read. I had mixed emotions about it. I loved Powells for the short time we were "living" in Portland. A very dangerous place indeed!

Barbara W. Klaser

I've heard nothing but good things about Powell's. If I'm every traveling through Portland I'll be sure to look it up.

My husband I used to notice that when we traveled we often found the public library, wherever we were, as soon as we stopped in a particular town. Maybe in this case we would make it an exception and visit an exceptional bookstore.


(bowing down before the Powell's altar)... I recently picked up a used book that had notes in it like that...but I found it a bit distracting, since it was nonfiction. I didn't want to read what "her" answers were...because then they tended to color my own...ha!


I lived in Portland for seven years, walking distance from Powell's. Yes! Now that I'm in Seattle, I really miss that.

I'm just finishing Ishiguro's _Never Let Me Go_, which is a pretty neat read. I'm going to look into _When We Were Orphans_ . . . .


I bet Powell's is wonderful but I'd have a hard time there. Sort of like here, in Denver, we have The Tattered Cover. Huge bookstore. My problem is sensory overload with so many choices. I need to go in with a list!


I love marked up books. And I love to mark up books. My favorite marked up books are ones loaned to me by a professor friend. It's pure gold.

Jason got me Ishiguro's Kafka on the Shore for my birthday and I'm still waiting for the chance to read it.


I've always felt that a crisp and new (and unmarked) book was the most appealing to me, but the way you described this experience makes me think I've missed out!


Powells is wonderful. I am obsessed with all bookstores--love them! I got some used texts from UW with comments in them; they were fun to read, and very helpful.


Powells!!! Spent some wonderful time there when my sisters were living in Portland... I love to just wander around all the various rooms and absorb the vibrations. And I definitely plan on making a stop there during my visit to your city next month!

I usually avoid buying used books with notations and underlining, I guess because I don't like to mark up my own books... maybe it's time to try something different.

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