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Monday, April 24, 2006


Barbara W. Klaser

Hee hee. Every mom should have a robot or two just to help her keep up.


Love the Mombot - and she's ever so more attractive than the Jetson's Rosie the Robot


This is lovely. I also love how your design changes so frequently. Can your mombot also listen unwaveringly to endless whining and drive lots and lots of kids around and keep them from killing themselves and each other?


Nice picture - like the mechanical arms yet human face


i love your blog name!
..and your robot!~


Hey, *I* need one of those! :)


Super idea and beautifully executed!


Awesome job!! Mine also is a robot I wish I had to do my housework! LOL!

Lydia Martin

wow...similar idea as mine. very cute! i guess every mom thinks about this eh?


Sign me up! LOL! Nice take on the topic. Unique for sure!!


Yes, it would be a real treat to have a robotic self to do all the chores! This gal is quite lovely with those gorgeous green eyes (not to mention her toerh assets)! Every time i come here, your blog is different! You must change it with each new illo...what a great way to keep things fresh and lively! I must have missed your post for spotted - it's so cute. And - your front yard with the blssoming tree is gorgeous. How nice that spring is finally here:>

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