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Tuesday, April 11, 2006



Always such nice work you create! I love coming to your blog because I get to see all this cool Northwest stuff, and I miss home when I read it. I grew up there, and lived there a long while, now I'm in So.Cal (not that crazy about it). So it is really nice to read up on the latest Portland/area news! I love Powells too! I loved to get a cup of java and sit in that big picture window facing the street and just watch things go by...OH, and hiking in the gorge...feasting at Sylvias...ahhh..okay, I'm home sick...


Love it! :)


Very nice to see an illustration of speed so subtle – gorgeous static of buildings and an animal that was build for speed. Great interpretation.


This swift, elegant dog belongs in such a beautiful setting! I love the look of your blog - the banner and background look great!


I love how you put the photo with the illo together!! FANTASTIC job!!...and, definitely fits the topic this week!

Ginger Nielson

A dog so lovely belongs in such a place. Great concept. I enjoyed looking at this part of France.


What a lovely photo and the dog looks great.


Lovely illo!!


French castles are too cold for me. I love visiting them, but wouldn't want to live in one.(I love my central heating!)


Great speed! What a life it must have been to hang out in that place, huh?


Very nice!


This is so wonderful! Love your new banner and your illustration of course. The stoic, historical buildings in the background, with the beautiful dog in the fore, so appealing! Time speeds by so fast and the handsome canine depicts this so perfectly!


Oooh! Makes me want to pack my bags and go abroad :-)


Nice illustration, sleek and graceful. I also enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up!


Love the picture and the dog. And the dog's shadow is pretty nifty too. Wish I could go romp with that dog in France right now!


This is wonderful!!!

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