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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Lydia Martin

Thanks for commenting on my "robo-mom" painting. Your art is very cute too! I wish I knew how to respong to the comments people leave me without hunting them down. But in your case...I am glad I did! Also, I see you have a link button to Illustration Friday...I am a part of that too and want to post a button on my blog. Do you know how to do that? I would appreciated any tips you have. Thanks again!


You tickle me with these...they're so CUTE. :)


Especially love the floral egg & chickie :>)


Adorable! I love the decorated chick!

Bron Smith

Such a soft warm and appealing design. I enjoyed looking at your blog and your flowering tree. I live just a couple hours north of you, in Puyallup.


Very cute!!!! (^_^)


wow! long time no see. you've grown so much. love your illos.


This is wonderful!! very cute!
I love the wallpaper design too!


i think is so very cute..
great job!


sweet and adorable!


How cute! Very nice job!


Very sweet!


ohhh, if only real floral chickadees existed! how perty. =o)

michael dailey

adorable really nice

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