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Thursday, April 13, 2006



I have nothing clever to add....I just read this and instantly wanted to call my 15 yr old from hawaii....
thanks for sharing, sweetie.
ps. how awesome that she thinks her older brother is "cool"....you couldn't ask for more. :)

Melanie (aka Wee)

Does Bonnie know you read her blog? If so... man, yoou two have some rocking relationship! I would cringe, curl up and die if I had a blog when I was in college and I knew my mom was reading it. Even now, as I edge ever closer to forty, I am extremely relieved that my mother is thechnically challenged and has yet to figure out how to program her VCR let alone tackle the blogosphere. Bad enough that she KNOWS about it and that her friends read it!! (One is never to old to desire their mother's approval) 'Course, I think I went thru many more utterly cringe-worthy states when I was Bonnie's age, trying out the whole artist/writer persona and all that THAT implies in the way of frighenting politics and scarier fashion.



I'll be curious to hear how #1 affects #2 and #3. (Unless he's miraculously a Portlander who'll also be at St. Andrews next year.) ;)


What's coming back next? Avocado leisure suits?
Your Bonnie has a cute sense of humor and it sounds like she's having a great time.


My sister and I call people who wear stuff like this 'fashion victims'...pretty sad, to say the least.


Whoa. Why does "trendy" have to be so "ugly"? Was it always that way? Well, probably. (i.e., bell bottoms). But, but...

So! Bonnie has a boyfriend! And she sounds pretty darned smitten! How exciting for her! She's really in her prime time!


Bonnie is correct-those are the ugliest shorts and pants that I have ever seen. Anyone who would wear them is definitely a slave to fashion. I have worn some trendy things like platform shoes, but nothing that looked like THAT!

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