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Monday, May 01, 2006



Here's some synchronicity for you...how 'bout me in YOUR town on the day when you were in MINE. I cannot believe you were IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD...literally! Avid Reader is 3 blocks away! Sheesh...you probably walked right by our little place... :)


Was just looking at that book today, almost bought it--now I think I will go back and get it. Thanks.


I always enjoy a tale of two synchroni-cities :>) I haven't read either book - but they both sound fascinating. Two more to add to my ever-growing list! Thanks for the recommendation, Diane.


Ring around the rosies and the plague...interesting...and pretty amazing what we do in our innocence.

Synchronicity...one of my favorite memes...^-^

And the book sounds interesting, too...will have to pick it up on my upcoming trip. Thanks for the recommendation.


Interesting that terrible times get covered over as per your comment. I'm sure you found that information in a publication that I have been looking for for some time. I can't seem to locate one.

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