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Thursday, May 18, 2006



Hi dear! The angel really does look light! How amazing that it is essentially the same figure with tweaks. What a fun exercise.


I really like this...it says a lot just in the clothes and the expressions. Your description of flipping the heads and mouths also says a lot about how differently people perceive us depending on our expression...a smile always gets the best reaction! This is a good illo for me to see at the start of the day...you can be sure I'm going to be smiling:>>>>>>>>


Fun illo! I like their "fashion statements!"


Really cute, it is interesting just a difference in eyes can make in overall expression on the face. I do think the fresh looking angel won out in the fashion category as well. Cute, cool piece.


Nice work--I identify more with the devil in this latest hot weather. My face feels like it's as red as his!

Chrissie A

What a charming illustration! Very nicely done!


Funny-- it feels like you had fun creating that! It comes right through--

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