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Wednesday, May 31, 2006



I'm a bit late in the comment here, but congratulations to Ross for graduating! How very exciting, and well done for raising such amazing kids!


Not sure how I missed yer cake but this is so carefree and fun! I love it!!!


Happy Graduation to Ross! Wait, Bonnie's in TURKEY?! I thought she had a summer job in PDX...


oh what a magical time! So much going on with your children--- hope the graduation was wonderful. And, that your back doesn't ache from so much gardening.


My gosh, your kids are so very dynamic! Turkey! Solar Theory (whatever it may be!) And graduation! Good for you -- you have done well, my dear. (Because as Mom, you can take all the credit. You must!)

Majeak Ann

Ouh..thank you....you are very sweet. This cake looks delicious..very clean work!



Very sweet illustration...and, that frosting looks VERY tasty...looks like buttercream!


Wow! You have one busy family! I love the cake you created...it looks so light and sweet. I know what you mean about loving something but having to avoid it...I guess when you do have cake, it tastes delicious:>


You're children sound so wonderful and I think it's neat the way you have raised them to be so curious about the world. So much so, that they take off to go see it! I hope i can do the same for my little boy.




this is lovely - so soft and dreamy - and the background is divine


This is a beautiful illustration! Nice colors, very sweet. Congratulations and thanks for your words on my blog


You have been busy, both with kids and the garden! My parents loved Turkey, and didn't expect to. Congrats to Ross! We are not finished with school until June 21st. UGH!


Yummy illo :>)
Congratulations to your graduate!

Kim Carney

I love it


I don't think I met anyone who doesen't love cake-it's a beautiful thing, except for those pesky calories of course. A simple and stylish picture of contentment here. Appealing and tasty piece of work.

michael dailey

nice illo like the soft colors

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