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Tuesday, May 23, 2006



Awesome illo, and a somber memory. When I was a little girl, me and a friend of mine used to spin all the way to school. One time, while I was holding my friend's bookbag and spinning, I let go of it, and it ended up down the sewer! I cried and cried all the way to school. This was my ending to spinning.

Again, great illustration, you definitely catched the sorrow and guilt in her face.


Sad and beautiful!


You must have been a very good child because you're still feeling guilty! LOL!


Sweet girl, it's never too late to ask forgiveness. You were a kid and you obviously learned why lying isn't the best thing in the world...the guilt is often worse than the punishment! When my sister was little, we were at the grocery store and she was spinning....slipped on the hard floor and landed on her chin. She had to get stitches and still has the scar! You're lucky it was just a window that broke, can you imagine falling face first onto that tin? yuck! oxox


I remember spinning to get dizzy....I never really liked it. I guess you mist have felt bad if you remember this story. I like the illustration... the face seem resolute in its silence and guilt.


She does look very sad--like she had broken a window, even though the one behind her looks fine. I was a spinner too, but never had anything in my hands. I was a very dizzy blond in those days!


I tried spinning around like that just recently.

Definitely was NOT as enjoyable as I remember it being as a kid... ;-)


I think spinning was like a rollercoaster ride in your own yard - I remember spinning like crazy as a kid - & now I can't even ride the teacups at Disneyland without getting motion sickness!
Is there a statute of limitations on childhood transgressions or could you still be in big trouble? lol
Nice illo! I love the arbor & windowboxes of flowers. And her expression says it all...

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