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Monday, June 12, 2006



It has NEVER occurred to me to clean the shower while I'm IN it. Shoot, no wonder I hate doing it so much...I'm doin' it the hard way! Glad you're okay after that scary mishap.


Close call! How frightening. I do the shower the same way--maybe it's not such a good idea after all.


Talk about angels being nearby!


It's amazing all the close calls we have, isn't it? So very glad everything's OK, but I suppose quite a hassle to be shower doorless.

I was told recently (by somebody? can't recall who) that bumblebees don't sting! I'd taken that to heart with all our lavendar plants at Harstine that sure do attract them, thinking they were just fat and furry buzzy creatures I didn't have to worry about. Well, now I'm worried!

Barbara W. Klaser

I read somewhere that a paste made from Accent meat tenderizer (which I think is papain) soothes bee stings. Haven't tried it myself.

Glad you didn't get cut. You must've been listening to your intuition when you decided to clean the shower that way.


Oh my gosh! Glad you kept your clothes on this time! Wait - that doesn't sound right - seriously, I'm glad you weren't hurt, Diane - I remember stepping on just 1 piece of glass before & how bad that hurt (needed stitches, too) - I can't imagine having those kind of cuts EVERYWHERE...Glad your angels were on their toes!


YOu are very fortunate indeed--what a mess to clean up, but at least you weren't cut up. (or at the hospital!)

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