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Wednesday, June 14, 2006



My little critter saw that picture from across the room and loves it!

Princess Pepper Cloud

Cute zebra, funny how kids glom onto to things. glad you are ok from your shower of glass, scary how close calls can be sometimes.


Very nice! I'm glad that you're recovering from the shower door incident. I am now terrified to clean the shower. That will be my excuse anyway!!


Reminds me of that fruit-striped gum zebra! Cute!

monica lee

Cute, wow!

michael dailey

cute zebra and interesting patterns on ur palm trees


This would be a fun print to have in a child's room. Pretty cute for a "quick & dirty" illo!


This is really cute!!


I like your op-art zebra, especially the pink ears! This has a fun feeling of simple color and pattern:>


Zebra is a good choice. Looks lovely!


I like the way the zebra is striped. :-)

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