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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Paige  Keiser

This is great! Love how expressive the girl is -I feel like that often. :0)


Just read an article on global warming. I imagine that is related to June temperatures. But this week is pleasantly clue, so maybe we just switched out for July? Wishful thinking?


The sun finally came out! We are enjoying the third day of sun and it is so welcome. I loved your RAINY illustration. The colors, the composition and the anguish are perfect for the topic.


YAY, Beavers! That's great! Did you do this annoyed dark-haired girl in my honor? I'm sure I've looked this distressed this week back here in the floods of PA.

Barbara W. Klaser

This is the freakiest summer yet. Hope you get some coolness soon. I like her expression, it says so much.


Such an effective evocation of emotion!


Nice! I really like the dotted lines of the rain, the stripes in her hair and her dress - and that you have used so much blue.


I can remember feeling that way about the rain not all that long ago. Thankfully the heat has abated or I'd be making that face at the sun! (Never satisfied!) :o)

Congrats on those Beavers!


I think you've captured the emotion very well! Enough! I sure wish i could send you some of this rain...the only bonus is that it isn't sweltering hot and humind - just rainy, 80's, and humid. I love the color scheme you used here...the blue is so pretty.


she is beautiful!


You captured the emotions perfectly! Congrats to your alma mater!


Her expression and gesture says so much!
Glad your team won, but sorry you're having our S. Calif. weather :)


aww..this is adorable!!!
i love her hair..

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