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Friday, June 02, 2006



You brought me a BUNCH of home-remedy memories my mom used to do, several of which I wasn't at ALL fond of. I believe she thought that Vicks VapoRub was the cure to all things fleghmy. Gah! She'd rub it on my chest and it would TICKLE when she did that and I'd cringe and coil up and giggle and carry on and piss her off. (To this day I hate that smell). Another thing she did (she later admitted that she'd read it somewhere so she didn't come up with this herself) was that if I or my brother had an ear ache, she'd soak up some of our FRESH WARM URINE in a cotton ball and stick it in the ear. Eeewww. She swore it worked. I just remember being grossed out, even being a little tyke.

Your soup does indeed sound delicious!

(Hey, where on Camano Is. does your sister live, do you know? Do you ever go there to visit? How cool! My folks' place is on the very north end, called Utsalady Bay).


Nothing like a mother's touch to heal you up - no matter how old you are!
(Unless they're wrapping wool scarves around you - I don't like things around my neck, either!)


That soup sounds delicious. There is nothing I love more than my mom's homemade soups! I'm glad that you got him well for Montana.That's quite a drive; I've done it--or should I say, my husband has, with me as the navigator.

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