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Saturday, June 24, 2006


monica lee

Interesting! I think it will give us someting to do during all our RAIN!


Very interesting indeed! I think I must check this out.


Thanks for the link - that gave me some fascinating food for thought! My #2 was the same as yours; your #4 was my #3 & I surprised myself with your #11 being my #1 though my #2 tied with it....Now I'm really confused!


well I don't know which religion that makes you but I know you are the kind of spirit I like to be around!


I took that quiz a couple of years ago...and then again about 6 months later. My #1 was your #2 (both times). :)

Go Beavers!!

Barbara W. Klaser

My beliefs change quite a bit over time, so it may be time for me to retake that test, too.


I think your 11 was my 1, but many of our other ones--both top and bottom were very close.

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