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Friday, June 09, 2006



I'm with Margaret -- I would view the loss of my son (my only child) as the absolute worst thing that could ever befall me. I can imagine wanting desperately to "go to be with him." I don't even aspire to grace -- I just DO NOT WANT IT TO EVER HAPPEN. Let me go first.


I can't imagine anything worse and admire those who learn to live with this in anyway at all so much.


You have witnessed much of this particular grief and I am sorry for that. A few years ago, my sister's good friend lost her 18 year old son. He was coming home late from work and fell asleep on the highway. They couldn't find him for several days until a fireman sitting on top of a passing fire truck saw a glimpse of his car in a ravine. The coroner said he must have simply fallen asleep and the car ran off the highway and crashed at once. His parents were remarkable at the funeral, but then began to fall apart. The father already had some issues and now they are out of touch with everyone they knew, and my sister lost all their friendships. So very, very sad.


Ditto to Margaret's post. I think losing my son would rip me up into so many shred that I couldn't put myself back together again. But as they say, time is your best friend and worst enemy, depending on the situation. I would like to think that at some point, I would come out on the other side a whole person again. And I remember you posting about the little child who drowned - I cried when I read it.

Barbara W. Klaser

I just don't think we can predict how we'll handle a loss. I believe faith in an afterlife helps. I've lost several people and each time is so different. Losing one cat I was close to also hit me very hard, as hard as some losses of human family.


Took a quick browse down your blog and the whole idea of losing my own 11 year old son (named Adam!) gave me real pause. Thanks for the thoughts/reminders to be thankful.


I've always thought that a parent losing a child is probably the worst thing that could happen...I would hope I could handle such a burden with grace, but I don't really know and I hope more that I never have to find this out - nor you! I wish no one had to suffer such a tragedy. But then perhaps if there were guarantees our children would outlive us, then maybe we'd take them for granted and wouldn't appreciate what a gift they are in our lives.


I would not be strong. I would be insane with grief and bitter. I would hope that I would work my way out of it; I have dealt with tragedy before, and made positives from it. However, one of my children would be different. I don't see how I could ever completely recover.

Paige  Keiser

Oh this is so terrible. I'm sorry to hear it. :0(

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