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Wednesday, July 26, 2006



Just going through past comments and linking up to their sites. Sorry I missed this one! Great job! I really like it!!


As much as we need sunlight, I'd rather dance by the light of the moon : )

Barbara W. Klaser

The moon is my favorite. But there are winter days when I'll just sit in a sunny spot and bask.


While I am a sun lover, there has always been something about the romance of the moon. Songs go on and on about it and drawings and paintings always make it look so beautiful - like yours for example!

Mary Stebbins

Awwww, how cute! :-D


my fovorite is moon too.. nuray( my name :)) means moonlight in english :) I love sun too but moon is always #1 for me ;)


I love the moon--the incredible harvest moon! It is magical. The sun is too bright to look at, although I love its warmth.

diane Duda

these are lovely. pretty colors.


I admit I'm a sun-lover...but not a sun-worshipper (I duck into the shade). But I have a huge weakness for full moons...positively love 'em (even with all the weirdness they bring). :)

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