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Wednesday, July 19, 2006



o man, i'm struggling with push ups right now too! they're so hard!

but of course, the more i do the stronger i get. go figure. ;-)

cool illustration!


Yep - that IS a sacrifice! Good illo, Diane.


great illo :)thanks for reminding me about exercises ;)


Wait...we're supposed to DO something to stay healthy and fit and thin?? (Hmmm...that probably explains my mid-section...) ;) Cute illo.


yea, it's a sacrifice, but a good one. pushups are HARD. now chinups, i'm your girl ;)


Ugh...push ups! I will stick to torturing myself doing yoga poses...^-^


I am very glad you have her doing the "modified" pushup that I do. If she'd been doing the full toe one I would have had to feel guilty; now I feel a little proud instead!


I love push ups, but am no good at them. They are great for arms and shoulders.


i need to do more excerise period!! it sure is a sacrifice to look good huh?

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