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Saturday, July 15, 2006



Hi from Missoula!

Yep, we may be a red state but the tide is turning against GW, even in a state where 70% of the voters are registered Republicans. Bush's numbers are tanking up here.


We have a strong Libertarian slant up here, and we don't much like the Federal government telling us what to do. And many of the Republicans up here are angry that Bush chose to risk national security, invading Iraq, (and putting us dangerously in dept), when he should have been going after Al Qaida.

(I'm a progressive, btw, and warned everyone what he was up to...and now I get to say "I told you so!"


Welcome back! Montana's beautiful (at least the west side is) -- but everywhere you go certainly does require LOTS of driving. We've snowmobiled often in the Missoula/Lolo Pass area. We have friends who live in Hamilton (small burg, but they do have latte stands -- although no Starbucks!) It's definitely a red state...


Glad you had a good trip and are back home safely!


Glad you made it home safely. Montana isn't exactly friendly territory to those who voted for Kerry, or even those who just plain voted AGAINST Bush....


My parents have a sticker that says Fed Up? Vote Democrat in 2006. I know that I'm fed up--but I was that way many years ago. Montana has its very conservative places, but also some more liberal enclaves.

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