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Thursday, August 17, 2006



Just getting caught up on weeks worth of blogs myself. (Worked way too much last month and didn't have the energy for it when I got home.) Glad to hear you had all the kids home for a few days. Belated Happy Birthday to Bonnie. Just imagine what a shock it'll be to her system when she still feels that shocked when she's our age. ;) Those photos are gorgeous, by the way.


I loved my twenties--very carefree! I didn't marry until 28, and had our first child at 30. You have had many eating adventures; it sounds like fun. Where is Ross going? (I must have missed it somewhere!)

Barbara W. Klaser

I remember being very depressed about my 22nd birthday. Gosh, what I wouldn't give now to be 40 again. But it would really only be better if I could keep all I've learned since.

Happy 20 to Bonnie.


When my Bonnie turned 20 earlier this year, she was lamenting no longer being a teenager. I think now that she's edging closer to 21, she's getting over it, though.
Hee-hee, glad to know you're not in the witness protection program, too :)

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