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Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Wow, you are a geek...you totally lost me on this one. ;)


oh. my. gawwwd.

That is just toooo cool. I have tivo on my tv, of course, but to have it on your computer!? And I have a Mac! You'd think that would just COME with a mac like for free. I am so envious.

Happy that the warping of your dvd drawer turned into a happy ending!!! :O)


Ooh, your favorite shows are my favorite shows! Fortunately, Jason is a real trooper when it comes to House and Grey's Anatomy (he opts out of Gilmore Girls, which means that I do too sometimes).

That is, however, such a COOL gadget. I might have to see about getting something like that since we also don't have Tivo.

Good thing you were able to go out and get it today before the big storm hits on Thursday--or maybe it won't...wouldn't that be nice!.


I love House, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy...John is not a fan of any of these and would rather I watch them when he is not around.


YAY! It was a bit over my head, but it sounded good. What shows do you love and John hates? Just curious.

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