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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Tonya @ Kingfisher Cove

Yuk. I'm with Margaret -- I'd rather move. We have tons of drywall work facing us around here which rates as one of the WORST jobs in the world. (I think I'll start packing...)


Is this becoming the latest thing for everyone to do? Because guess what I've been doing since day before yesterday - stripping ancient yellow flowered wallpaper down!
You have my complete sympathy - my wallpaper stripping has been confined to a bathroom (and I'm still working on little pieces!) - I can't imagine if it were the size of a bedroom - yikes.


It sounds like MOST household projects--much more complex, and time-consuming than we expect. That's why I try to avoid them! I would rather move.


oooo... I totally missed it, but happy belated birthday! hope the next decade is the best yet and delivers on your every bliss! Wishing you much hope, health, laughter and joy... and continued Democratic reign! xoxo

Barbara W. Klaser

Wallpaper does get messy. I'll bet you're glad that job's done.


Are you getting any of the heavy rain that is inundating the PNW? Been seeing reports on the news...hope all is fine where you are.

And looking forward to hearing your sigh of relief when the guest room is done...^-^

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