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Wednesday, December 13, 2006



Merry Christmas to you and to your loveones.

Barbara W. Klaser

We're keeping Christmas about as low-key this year as you can and still acknowledge it's even a holiday. Mostly based on remembered stress from other years. I hope you get everything done that's important to you.


Christmas sure is a lot easier when you're a kid, ey? The season seemed to last longer too.

Even that last final day before, seemed to take months to pass.


I'd like to second that emotion! Ack!

On a happier note - wow! Your niece must really have a natural talent to move up ranks so quickly - what serendipity that her mother won those fencing lessons!

Hope things have settled down a bit for you, Diane. Happy holidays!


Great article about your niece. Although I had to laugh about Sacramento...it would typically not top anyone's list of favorite cities. ;)


You sound a little frazzled...take a deep breath and exhale slowly...always seems to help.

I decided to be lazy this year.... am not making the trek across the ocean and have no idea what to get anyone, so I sent money...^-^ That way, everyone can get what they want!

I'm sure you will have a wonderful time with your family... you always do!


I am feeling the same as you are. A little more to do than I want--but I would like the season to be peaceful and contemplative. What happened? The article on your niece was great; she gets to do even more traveling than we do. It sounds expensive, but special.

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