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Tuesday, December 05, 2006



A massage to Adam
Please look at these homepage
and you have the answer of your question to this picture http://valentinois.typepad.com/photos/adam_2006_eeuropean_romp/imgp0897-thumb.jpg Adam could not figure out what this was...

Best wishes and greetings from Germany
have a good chrismastime and a good new year



YAY for new cars! Perfect time of year to get the best deal-=-- but what is Bunko?


I have NO idea what Bunko is (still). :) But here's to new cars!


oh, red. red is good. red is excellent.

of course, i hear cops like to stop red cars, so be sure your lipstick is good and your skirt is short...iffn' yer plannin' to speed. LOL


What a fun idea to have an annual Bunko party - most people I've known who did Bunko, did it monthly, and that's too often for me. Once a year sounds about right.

Congrats on the new wheels! I can just picture how cute they look, parked side by side in the driveway.

Barbara W. Klaser

I like that color -- you'll be visible! We have a dark blue car that seems to be scarily invisible to other drivers at times. Now and then we'll go somewhere and I notice cars getting way too close and tell my spouse, "Look out, we're having an invisible day."


Cool cars-Saabs are supposed to be very safe! I subbed at a bunko party once, and it was fun. (but I didn't get invited back) I started out strong, and then fizzled.

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