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Friday, December 29, 2006



The best store buyer is one who can see beauty in many different styles--and I would be terrible at it! I'm with you on the fabrics, but I don't wear halter tops anymore. I wish I could!


Love the colors you chose, in both yarn and fabric. Cute halter top style.
Did you name the vacuum 'bot, yet?


Love your color choices...the yarn has me salivating! And even within the family, there are different tastes...my sister and I both like blue, but she's more a purple person and I am heavily into yellow....

Ah, the joys of store buying....sometimes it's impossible to have something for everyone (spoken from past experience)...^-^ Hopefully the customer who can't find something they like the first time around will give the store a second chance.

Barbara W. Klaser

Beautiful fabric and colors! You make a good point about the store buyer needing to buy for all tastes. I guess the best person at that job may be one who has trouble deciding on just one way, someone who wants a little of everything. Cool top! (Pun intended. Should be both pretty and comfortable for summer.)

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