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Sunday, December 31, 2006



I feel so badly for you! I know how awful you can feel with a sinus infection. And even with antibiotics, it doesn't go away quickly.

Hope you were able to enjoy the New Year.

Here't to a healthier time!!


Ouch! Take care - sinus infections are certainly not a fun way to start off the New Year. Glad you have Bonnie and the Gilmore Girls to keep you company and nurse you back to health.
Wishing you and yours, a happy and healthy New Year! xo


Hi! I'm here from Margaret's... :D

I hope you feel better soon. May 2007 be filled with HEALTH!

(and I'm digging your cartoon picture at the top of your page! She's GREAT! Wherever did you find her? Or did you design her? Either way... super cool.)


I hope you are well now. Happy New Year!

Barbara W. Klaser

Oh, I hope that gets better soon. Happy New Year, and I hope you're up to enjoying your celebration.


You have my sympathy...I do hope your weapons do the job. I watched my mom struggle with sinus infections many times and can only imagine how miserable you are. And don't worry about staying up until midnight...even tho it's a new year, it is only another day.

Oh, and I did make it...^-^ Even got up at 6 to see the sunrise, a Japanese tradition.

Get well soon!


I have tried to resist sinus infections, but antibiotics are sometimes the only way. And they are MISERABLE! Hope you feel better soon.

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