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Monday, January 15, 2007



I blame the cold weather for my sniffles. I don't like it one bit! Even Jason was forced to admit that we needed to turn up the heat on our house today because the windows seem to be losing more heat than they can keep in.

Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm feeling better, although not totally over it. I think an early spring is a great idea!

Barbara W. Klaser

We dipped below freezing for a few nights here, and for me that's C-c-c-cold. I know, waaah, but we're not used to that here. (San Diego County.)


I am totally sick of it, even though our house is warm. I am tired about worrying about driving, teenager driving, and the latest forecast. Bring back the rain!


I hear all of California is suffering right along with you. We're pretty cold here in Denver and still traumatized from three snow storms back to back. One day, we'll see thee grass again. At least that's what I keep telling myself when I walk outside my front door and see the three feet high piles of snow along the roads.

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