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Monday, January 15, 2007



You look like one of Charlie's angels driving in your little sportscar - what a fun take on the prompt! Hope it's warmed up for you - though the sun's out here, it's still cold as the dickens. We've had ice gutters and now ice on the pool (pump's not working!), none of which melts even when the sun comes out. So much for sunny So. California - Brrr....


Cool photo and the wings on the hairdo, well, what can we say? We all had them!


Ah, yes, the 80s....those were the days....yet I feel no different! Ok, I admit my body doesn't agree with that...^-^
And I do prefer my present lifestyle....those were very busy days.

Love the car and the 'do'....you look just as good today!


you are beautiful and so is your illustration.


Oh! That's a wonderful picture! I am thinking back to photos I had of me and my friends in 1980. (sccccary!) I remember my older sister had a red MGB as her first car around 1976. Then I hadda friend who owned a white MGB around 1983. I'm not sure what a MG midgit is.. but they both drove convertibles and we sure had fun and certainly felt pretty ... perhaps like farrah fawcett.. riding along with her. Thanks for the memory and cute illustration! :O)


What happened to the last post?! (I swear I was commenting on one about the COLD. I'm not a TOTAL lunatic...) ;) You mean we're not STILL that young? (It's always such a shock to see some old broad standing right where I used to stand in front of the mirror...)

Barbara W. Klaser

I like that, especially the photo addition. It's a perfect fit. :)


You look like a model-a brunette Farrah! I love how you put a real photo in the illustration.


I used to HATE standing on the MAX platform at the Hollywood station with that East wind blowing in from the Gorge...BRRR. Hope it warms up soon for you.

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