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Sunday, January 28, 2007



A belated happy birthday to Ross! How funny, I hadn't realized he and (my) Bonnie have the same birthday - well, a couple of years apart.

Great photo - and Cookie sounds like the perfect name for that adorable new pup. Cookie and Biscuit - too cute!


Happy Birthday to Ross!


Oh... how sweet is Cookie?

We always name our animals after food. However, our Ms. Sophie came with a name and so, she, hasn't followed suit. But food names are always a good thing. It helps avoid those awkward moments when a person meets you on the street and inquires about your dog's name and when you say, "It's Sophie" they cringe and say, "Oh, that's my name too." Yeah, most humans aren't named after food! :D


Your new dog is adorable, and happy birthday to Ross. Our Alison will be 17 this next Friday. I can't believe it! You may have to talk to a vet or animal expert about the dog/cat situation. They may have some strategies.

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