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Monday, January 01, 2007



Oh my, I can only imagine what Carol Channing's voice sounds like now. I was never all that fond of it when she was younger, so the warbling was probably more than anyone should be asked to endure. I do like Pink Martini, though.


how funny that you got to see carol channing! :-)

i hope your year is full of many more fun surprises, loads of creativity, love and laughter!!

Tonya @ Kingfisher Cove

Wow, Kitty Carlisle Hart is 97? I guess she would be. I only remember her on "What's My Line", back in the '60s and I thought of her as old THEN. What's up with all the old folks -- and why would they even WANT to perform? Why wouldn't they want to just gracefully retire? Maybe it's some need to hang on to that fame thing. (Or maybe they blew all their money back when).


wait-- carol channing never had a nice voice at all-- always gravelly, I can't imagine what it sounds like now-- yikes!

Happy New Year Violet!!!!


I remember Carol channing! It's hard to believe that she is that old; I think of that group of singers/dancers as being 60ish. Pink Martini is a very catchy band; they do a song in French that I can't play because it gets stuck in my head all day long!

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