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Thursday, February 01, 2007



Down here they say it is traceable to the rise in meth-related crime. It seems quite organized. I know I don't do enough.


oh my this is really bad news!


Hi! Are you sure it was through the mail, how aout that whole TJMaxx security break in?


It is really an epidemic, and not just from mailboxes. I am terrified of it also. It has happened to friends, and it IS a nightmare. We also have a locking mailbox, but I am still nervous about it.

Barbara W. Klaser

It's a scary thing to even contemplate.


how awful! my partner in business had this happen too and it is no picnic. I hope that she gets to the bottom of it ... soon!


oh god-- we are just about to switch to a real post box (locked!) but still I am concerned . . . gah.

Also, re puppy business-- we have had excellent results with all three dogs using crate training-- we never did the whole newspaper in the house. Basically, at night she is in a crate. When she gets up in the morning-- we take her outside immediately and as she pees we say "Good Pee" emphasizing the word pee when she pees, the word POO when she poos. She had less than five wet accidents in the house and two poops and that was it-- she knows to ask. Getting them to recognize the word is key so that if it is cold or rainy you aren't standing out there waiting-- when she hears that word, she drops. also, LOTS of praise when she pees and poos-- and a bisucuit. I highly recomend the tv show Dog Whisperer-- he is fantastic although I guess he never really deals with potty training also-- "Katz on Dogs" by Jon Katz if you don't know it you will love it.


Oh, how awful! I hope your friend is able to sort everything out soon; what a nightmare.


WOW! scary!!! So far this hasn't happen here in Japan...we just have problems with con artists taking advantage of the elderly....oh, yeah, that problem exists in the States, too, doesn't it...my dad almost got taken in!

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