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Friday, March 02, 2007



So trapping oneself in a room for several days is the way to guarantee it will end up clean, eh? I'll have to remember that.

Barbara W. Klaser

I need to do some of that. I never look forward to it, but it's true that finding forgotten treasures is wonderful. I'll have to keep that in mind as an incentive.


I am doing the very same thing!! I have a tough time throwing things out but it sure feels good once I do. I went to the Salvation Army yesterday and dropped off a truck load of things! Today I'm back at it again! And yay! For finding treasures like old videotapes!


Cleaning cupboards is not something I'd find on my fun meter..but looking through stuff I'd forgotten we had? Oh yeah! Sounds like you had a good time watching those old videos...I'll bet it was hard to believe it was that long ago already... ;)


Love watching videos, looking at photos of the kids when they were young! However, I'm not really fond of going through cupboards...maybe I need to look at it as a treasure hunt, like you!


I love watching old videos of the kids. And I do need to go through cupboards--maybe this summer.I hate doing it, but it does make me feel good afterwards!

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