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Thursday, March 01, 2007



My old dog, Basie was the same way about car rides for years. He's 13 now and manages the ride to the groomers okay, but it's still an anxiety-riddled ride.

Barbara W. Klaser

Oh no. Yeah, practice will probably get her used to it, but how to protect your car in the meantime is a problem.


oh nooooooo! and in your new car, too! I don't blame you! It's like when i refinished my hardwood floors and my cat, Mollie, always runs to throw up on my area rug and not the hardwood floors which would be so easy to just wipe clean. What is UP with these adorable pets we own? Maybe they want to tell us that these material things aren't as important as we make them out to be?


Staying home would be my preference too, rather than cleaning up urine or vomit. Alison used to throw up a lot, and it was NOT fun at all. I used to carry about 10 towels in the back of my car--just in case.

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