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Thursday, March 15, 2007



It seems to me that passing such a law with respect to Pluto would be like saying the Sun isn't a star at night, but only during the day when it can be seen.

Barbara W. Klaser

It will always be a planet to me.


aww. that is so sweet. I'm glad that new mexico is honoring pluto in that way. that little sweet planet is shining a little bit brighter today because of it.


Yay, New Mexico, my home state! I too believe in Pluto-:)


I hadn't heard that, but I think that's great news! Good luck with getting your state to recognize it. It remains a planet in my mind, too.


As far as I'm concerned, Pluto is still a planet. I grew up with it that way, and am too old to change my mind-set!

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