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Saturday, April 28, 2007



I had seen ads for this, and wished we had Showtime - thanks for letting us know. I've always had a fascination with that time period myself (I think I was the only 6th grader I knew, who read the "Six Wives of Henry the Eighth," lol).


At times, it doesn't pay to live outside the US...this is one of them, as Showtime won't let me access their site.

But I will send the info on to my sisters in Monroe...they would love to see this, I know. ^-^

Barbara W. Klaser

I've also had a fascination with the Tudors since I was a kid. Sounds interesting.


I love that period too. It sounds like a fascinating show, unlike most of the television out there.


isn't it funny? when I think of Henry VIII I always think of him at the end of his life-- very fat and wearing tights-- never young and studly

I will check this show out if I can--

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