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Thursday, May 24, 2007



awww. that is so cute. Gladys. (GladAss). Ya know, my mom had a friend named that and we all called her Happy Butt. ;O)

I will be in Tahoe one month from now. Wish it was the same time.
Hope you are having a wonderful time... as I'm sure you are!


How funny you should say her name is Gladys. The other day my co-worker and I got into this discussion about names and the ones that were no longer fashionable and we wondered why. I mean why is Gladys, or Gertrude not popular? We say the names now like they're just icky, but how does a name get associated with icky? Okay, enough. Clearly we talk about minutia at work all the time!


Wow - lots of fun stuff going on! And somehow I'm glad someone's keeping the Gladys name alive and well :)


You sound busy in a wonderful way. Your family is so accomplished!!

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