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Thursday, May 03, 2007



How funny!
We must have too many other goodies growing that they like better, 'cause we're lucky - the squirrels don't seem to care for our tulips - of course, they don't bloom very long here, it gets too warm too fast - so maybe the squirrels just aren't fast enough!


oh how I fear for all the plants we intend to sow around the house--- I think all the wildlife will think it is a buried feast for them . . *shudder*

Barbara W. Klaser

Haven't tried them here, though I doubt they'd fare much better. The bulbs were okay, but when I tried to grow hyacinths in San Diego, squirrels ate the flowers as soon as they opened. My husband went out one morning and came in to tell me my hyacinth was blooming. I got dressed and went outside, and by then they were gone! All I found were lopped-off stems. The few times I've gotten to experience, them the scent was so heavenly I guess I can't blame the little buggers for being so attracted to them. A wheelbarrow sounds like a good idea -- but we have a raccoon that we think sleeps on our roof, and our neighborhood is full of gophers and cottontails, so . . . hmm, maybe we need a greenhouse if we want flowering bulbs.

The critters do all seem to leave roses alone.


It seems like those bulbs would taste bitter! I sure wouldn't want to eat one.

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