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Sunday, May 13, 2007



Good god, I knew I was behind (in reading blogs)...but Mother's Day?! Okay, here to catch up. LOOOOOVE the new banner! ;)


oh the (happily) aching stomach! I got the whole feeling of the outing so clearly-- to have the great weather AND a table by the window to take in all the sights of the river and the people along it-- just lovely. So glad you had such a nice way to celebrate the day--


Sounds wonderful ~ Glad you had such a great Mother's day!


Sounds like a great day! How wonderful that your kids are doing well.

We spent the day with both our families, and it was quite lovely. Hooray for nice weather, making everything nicer.

That Tad's restaurant sounds yummy! We'll have to check it out sometime. If only for the Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce. Mmmm.


What a wonderful day! We spent most of it sitting in a gym and then in a car for 5 hours back from Spokane. I had a lovely talk with Ashley on the cell phone while coming through Cle Elum. Alison wished me Happy Mother's Day before she fell asleep in the car.

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