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Thursday, May 17, 2007



Glad to hear the test results on your Dad were good.


I know exactly how you feel. We just got back from visiting my partner's nanny in Montreal. She has bone cancer and will most likely be in the hospital until she dies. It seems as though all my friend's grand-parents are dying right now. So so sad. Much light to you and your dad.


awwwww. same thing over in my world. so much sickness. I wonder why that is? so scary.


Diane, I'm so sorry for all these troubles around you. We've had a similar list of woes in the last six months. Makes me wonder what the future holds in store for all of us.

But on a lighter note - I've tagged you on my blog for seven random facts about yourself!


I've noticed the same thing as Barbara. There are more things to worry about. The lack of control over our adult kids, the health of our parents. I try NOT to worry too much, but there are "pings" in the back of my head that remind me how mortal we all are, and I'd really rather look at that blooming flower, thank you very much.


It is a scary world, so we have to enjoy the beautiful moments, I guess. (or try to anyway--without thinking too much about what could be around the corner)

Barbara W. Klaser

It doesn't get easier, either. I think some of these worries have a cumulative effect on us. I have become less resilient to worry than when I was younger.

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