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Monday, May 07, 2007



When you walked out to your car after talking to the hotel people across the street, did you eyeball the front seat of your car as a potential bed for a split second? Hhahahahaha...I probably would have done that, then thought, Nahhhh.....

Good ol' Eugene...I'm hoping to move back there next year!


Oh my gosh, I would have freaked out! Did you wonder if you were in the Twilight Zone? Glad you were able to find somewhere else to stay. Hope the rest of the Mom's weekend went well!


Very strange...! I would either have panicked or just given up and gone home...glad you were able to enjoy your visit with Ross. Will we ever find out why this happened? Hmmmm....almost sounds like an episode of the Twilight Zone....LOL


I have never heard of such a thing. Luckily, you are savvy about Oregon places. I would be in an utter panic. Patt and I are talking about staying a night down in that area when Alison goes to OSU gymnastics camp in July. She is very excited! It is a premier program and way above her--but I hope she'll learn a lot.


How incredibly bizarre! They had to KNOW it was going to be torn down when you made your reservation! (Hopefully they didn't squander any of your money or deposit). Other than that, glad you had a great time. (I probably would have panicked!)

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