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Thursday, June 21, 2007



how fun! I think I missed out on this lovely toy. I had just the simple paper dolls. But I 'm quite sure they were drawn by the same artist, because they look the same!!

jenny b harris

You had one of these? Too funny! I remember lace-up cards, but somehow I missed out on making my own "tinkle toys"... hehehe. ;o)


I don't remember having those. I do remember shrinky dinks baking in the oven.


same here. i remember having something like this, but don't know if it was exactly this or something else.

i think mine was made in japan...


I loved these! I don't remember the name of the ones that I had, but I do remember how much fun it was to take the yarn and stitch them together. I was a big fan of these, and paper dolls.

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