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Monday, June 25, 2007



Weeds - ugh! They over-wintered better than a lot of my perennials did, this year (we had a couple of hard frosts which we don't normally have, and I lost a lot of my euryops daisies). I love orange/yellow flowers set against the lavender/blues, too.

Show us some pics when you're done!

Tonya @ Kingfisher Cove

Yes, pictures! I'm excited to see how my sage has done at the island this weekend (it's been a month since we've been there!) The hummingbirds just love that stuff, and I'll bet it's grown a bunch. (And I'm sure the weeds have grown a bunch, too...)

Barbara W. Klaser

I'm the same way, need that little push sometimes to get me going. Don't feel too bad about the lantana. I've heard people hear complain about it as if it were a weed. But the hummingbirds sure like it.


I absolutely hate weeding, but love the flowers to look nice--so spending time in the flower beds is a necessity. It always gives me a backache! Good luck with the yard project, and behave yourself, Cookie!


Pictures, please? ^-^

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