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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Diana Guerrero

Glad that you had a red letter day with Cookie. I always keep an eye out for animal blessings and it looks like you had a great turn out at yours. I hope you'll stop by my blog and check it out...at the moment I am chatting about Bark Mitzvahs!


As for the dogs and the carpet, everyone was asked that their dogs had been 'taken out'. I don't think there was an accident, thank goodness.

Yes, I have seen Harry Potter. We saw it on Saturday night and I really enjoyed it. It made me want to fly over London, at night, on a broom.


That was my question. How do they handle that many dogs in regards to the carpet?

Barbara W. Klaser

She must've known there would be a blessing in it for her if she was good. :) Interesting history of that term.


I'd be nervous about taking the wiener dogs anywhere like that. Peanut is extremely shy and would likely freak out. Bailey would want to investigate EVERYTHING (and probably bark a lot). Plus, I don't trust their potty training abilities (or lack thereof...) I've avoided anything like "Take Your Dog To Work Day" for those very reasons, but it's a shame because their company would be fun (if I didn't actually have to do any work).


Good girl, Cookie!
Thanks for the info - interesting facts.
Did you see Harry Potter yet?


I LOVE word origins; they fascinate me. That expression makes a lot of sense now! Good job, Cookie. I would be a bit nervous taking either one of our cats to any kind of public place. They are feisty.

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