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Sunday, July 08, 2007



We were gone, so I'm late here...but happy belated birthday wishes to your firstborn! The part about John's commentary during the C-section though...I think I'd have clobbered him. ;) Glad to hear your Mom's procedure went well.


Ouch! I'm glad that epidural incident turned out all right. Sweet memory.

Barbara W. Klaser

What an entrance. Happy Birthday to Adam.


Happy Birthday to Adam.


Happy Birthday to Adam!


Happy Birthday to Adam! And Happy Anniversary of Birthing Day to you! I often feel, having had 3 c-sections myself, that mothers should get gifts on their kid's birthdays. After all, we did al the heavy lifting!

Wonderful to have these adult children who are so smart and so sweet.


Happy Birthday to your talented, and wonderful young man! I know you are deservedly proud of him and his accomplishments. Aren't we fortunate to have the kids we do? I just got back from Corvallis a few hours ago after dropping Alison and her friend off at gymnastics camp. They are at Bruxton Hall in a huge corner room. The campus is gorgeous.

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