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Thursday, July 05, 2007



I hope all went well for your mom. And I sure wish they'd come up with a better method for mammograms! (Men would certainly balk at having their balls squished hither and yon...) I have this to "look forward to" this month, too.

Barbara W. Klaser

Yeah, some conversations aren't worth the breath. I too often find I can't help myself either.

It sounds as if you have every good reason to be stressed, but I hope you're able to unstress anyway. Prayers and wishes for your mom -- but they're really good at that kind of thing these days.


People say the craziest things. I wouldn't have let that one pass either (although, like you, probably would have later wished that I did). Hope your mom's surgery went smoothly. I'll be praying for her quick recovery.

PS: I love your banner photo of you and John! You both look so happy.


I say good for you for standing up for your beliefs, even if family hoo ha ensued. I caused the same thing a couple of Christmases ago by not allowing my cousin's husband to make some horrible remarks about gay people. I have a mammogram scheduled for this month, so I'm now NOT looking forward to it--not that I was in the first place. Thinking of you and your mom on Number 3, Diane. Hugs.

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