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Wednesday, August 01, 2007



I think I had this same ailment in early July and it sucked. I hope you are on the mend!


I hope you are feeling better now.....


Hope you're feeling better by now...


OH no! That's a bummer way to end the trip. I hope you didn't have to fly home that way and at least got it after you were home and safe and sound in your own bed. Feel better soon...better days ahead.--


Get well soon so you don't miss out on our summer! (what's left of it)

Cherry Menlove

Bleugh! I'm sorry you picked up a buglet from over here! I hope that you also managed to bring back some other, nicer, bits and bobs. I'm so sorry to hear about the groom's mother. I hope that the couple are finding solace in each other right now.

Cherry x

Barbara W. Klaser

Oh, I hope you feel better soon, but at least you're home now. It's the worst to be sick while still away from your own bed.


Oh no - take good care of you. I just heard a friend of mine is in the hospital with pneumonia - it seems like these bugs don't contain themselves to just 'flu season,' anymore.

Hope you feel better soon!

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